White Liberal 'Karen' Has A Breakdown After BLM Activist Follows Her Home to Accuse Her of Racism

"You're going to ruin my life and you don't even know me."
Chris Menahan

Jun. 23, 2020

"I have a black husband" started trending on Twitter on Tuesday morning after video went viral of a white liberal woman having a mental breakdown upon realizing a BLM activist followed her to her home to accuse her of racism and turn her into the next "Karen."

Karlos Dillard, who goes by the Twitter handle "Wypipo_h8" (white people hate), in 2017 gave interviews as "the Black Conservative Gay Atheist" but has since transitioned into a Black Lives Matter activist.

He shared these videos Monday on Twitter and Instagram:



The videos show Dillard claiming a "Karen" cut him off while he was driving and flipped him off while "saying all this f**king racial s**t."

Dillard follows the woman to her home and screams at her, saying: "Karen, you're not going to sit there and flip me off!"

"Sir, sir ... I have a black husband, you're totally calling me something that I am not," she protests while panicking. "You don't understand!"

"Guys, this is her licence plate number, she lives here, this is her address," Dillard says, showing her alleged home.

"No this is not true," the woman screams in panic, "your attacking me right now, you're gonna post..."

After a bystander shouts, "leave her alone," Dillard responds by escalating his claim against her, saying: "She can apologize for calling me a n***er and flipping me off!"

As the woman cries in protest, Dillard says, "Ma'am what have I done to you?"

"You're going to ruin my life and you don't even know me," she says.

Her protests were in vain and it didn't matter that she "has a black husband" or went to BLM demonstrations and considers herself an "ally."

Dillard uploaded the video and it quickly amassed 2 million views with thousands of tweets claiming she called him a "n***er" without any proof. [Update: 7.5 million views now.]

Dillard's past posts show he's accused multiple women of calling him a "n***er" without ever producing any evidence.

He accused an Asian woman of similar just a few weeks ago:



On his YouTube channel where his podcast gets only around 100-200 views, his most popular video is him in 2018 open carrying and aggressively flashing his gun at a Hispanic employee at an auto shop while barking at him over an alleged scratch on his car.

In the video, Dillard claims some of his property went missing (such as his bullets) after leaving his car for cleaning and claims the white woman who ran the shop called him a "n***er" and a "f*ggot" and called the police on him and claimed he threatened her. He provides no evidence to back up any of his claims, though police did respond to him open carrying and temporarily detained him.

An officer is seen telling him it was an employee who said he threatened him with a gun and not the white lady but he chose to run with his original narrative anyways.

The video has over 600,000 views.

After Dillard was confronted for formerly identifying as a pro-Trump conservative, Dillard denied the claim writing: "Please find me the receipts."

The receipts were found instantly.

[Embed starts 7:42]

Here Dillard is similarly clout chasing by antagonizing police:

Karlos Dillard clearly has an issue with telling the truth. Of course, none of that matters to the Black Lives Matter lynch mobs. They're just as happy to go after white liberal "Karen" with her "black husband" as they are to go after anyone else.

The responses to the video on Twitter are loaded with her alleged home address, license plate number and accusations of "racism" against her.

This is the future you chose, Karen.

UPDATE: Karlos Dillard, real name Carlos Remize Dillard Gum, got a restraining order against him last June "for harassing a woman," according to the TrueAnon Pod:

His mother last June accused him of making up his backstory (he shared this to his own public Facebook):

Dillard allegedly has a long criminal history according to a report from EdRants which includes charges from everything to assault and harassment to multiple offers to commit prostitution.

Dillard was also accused of pulling a knife on a man in 2016:

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