VIDEO: Driver Attacked By Rioters Blocking Streets at Protest in Seattle, Shoots One Attacker [UPDATED]

Chris Menahan
Jun. 08, 2020

A Hispanic man was filmed shooting an African-American rioter assaulting him as he drove near a group of protesters blocking the streets in Seattle on Sunday.

The media and Twitterati falsely reported this as a "plowing" attack carried out by a "white" man or a "white supremacist" based off initial videos and wild speculation only to have an extended video and photographs of the man undermine their narrative.

Extended video shows the man was being attacked by multiple rioters while driving down a street which was blocked off at the end by protesters. The man came to a full stop due to a blockage being in the road and was surrounded by attackers hitting his car. He then shot one man who was reaching into his car and physically assaulting him.

Had this man actually wanted to "plow" through the crowd he could have just hit the gas.

Instead, he got out and walked into the crowd despite facing a tremendous risk to his life and walked through them to immediately turn himself into police.

The man was allegedly wearing a "Union Ironworkers" hoodie, though that hasn't been officially confirmed.

This clip, which only showed the second half of the man being attacked just before the shooting and has a man hysterically screaming and crying throughout, went viral first:

This out of context video was also shared:

Per usual, the shooter was labeled "white" and a "white supremacist" without any evidence all over Twitter but photographs showed he was Hispanic. The man was later identified as 31-year-old Nikolas Fernandez.

Had the shooter been a white guy this would no doubt be a major story but instead it will probably just be ignored.

MSM deciding whether to cover a shooting.

As I reported last week, tons of videos out of the Cicero suburb of Chicago showed Hispanic gang members defending their neighborhoods from African-American "looters" with sniper rifles and extended shootouts in the street and even though multiple people were killed it was barely even a story.


UPDATE II: Fernandez said in court on Monday that he feared for his life and was defending himself.

From KUOW:
In court on Monday, Fernandez's defense argued that he was on his way to work at a Nike store and got caught in the crowd after making a wrong turn. In the "chaos" he panicked, said attorney Jesse Dubow.

"I don't have any indication based on his statement that he did intentionally have a purpose other than what he told the officer -- 'that they tried to jack my car,'" Dubow said.

Fernandez told an investigating officer on Sunday night that he panicked when a protester, Daniel Gregory, dove through his driver's side window as he drove down the block. Gregory grabbed his steering wheel, Fernandez told the officer, and so Fernandez picked up his gun from the passenger seat and shot him.

Fernandez said he got out of the car and ran past barricades to the police line and surrendered. He told the officer that his brother works at East Precinct and that he did not want to shame him.
King County prosecutor Karissa Taylor is looking to charge him for defending himself and reportedly "maintains there is probable cause to charge Fernandez with assault in the first degree with a firearm enhancement."

"Fernandez's next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., and any charges are expected to be announced then," KUOW reported.

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