Hospital Staff Filmed Applauding BLM Protesters Amid Coronavirus

Chris Menahan
Jun. 03, 2020

Two weeks ago, anti-lockdown protesters were being painted as "murderers" and yet Tuesday in New York City hospital staff were filmed applauding a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters failing to follow social distancing guidelines and violating stay-at-home orders.

It's beyond belief how insane this situation is.

Two weeks ago, we were being told we had to brace for a devastating second wave of the coronavirus and we needed to stay locked down potentially indefinitely until we have a vaccine.

Moms were being arrested and hit with huge fines for walking on the beach or taking their kids to a park.

Barbers were having their licences pulled for going to work.

Gym owners were being arrested for opening their doors to try and save their livelihoods.

Our entire society was transformed to revolve around obeying these new rules in the name of preventing mass death.

Anyone who wanted to go back to work was portrayed as the embodiment of selfishness and evil.

Now, the coronavirus is not even being mentioned and people are being told to go out in the streets en masse to protest vaguely defined "racism" and "injustice"!

The same hospital workers who were calling for anti-lockdown protesters' heads are now clapping for giant groups of BLM protesters marching through the streets as riotous mobs are shooting cops in the head, looting all over the place and burning cities to the ground!

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