Antifa 'Invades The Suburbs' in Yucaipa, CA... It Does Not End Well For Them

"Antifa was ran out of town as quickly as they came in."
Chris Menahan

Jun. 03, 2020

Antifa reportedly tried to invade the suburbs in Yucaipa, California on Tuesday but the situation went south for them real quick after being confronted by locals.

This video went viral on Tuesday:

"Deputies responded to a fight call at the ARCO gas station," The Yucaipa Police Department reported. "When deputies arrived, two subjects were contacted and they both refused to press charges. No other victims came forward during that time. In light of social media posts and video that has surfaced, we believe there may be additional victims. They are encouraged to contact the Yucaipa Police Department to be included in the investigation."

The refusal to press charges (and dox themselves) certainly strikes me as a sign these were antifa.

They continued: "We have been made aware of photos circulating online, depicting business owners on rooftops and on their property with weapons. We have reached out to our business owners and residents in an attempt to inform and educate them, as it relates to weapons violations."

We'll have to wait and see whether these folks are prosecuted for defending themselves as rioters were busy looting and wreaking havoc in nearby San Bernardino.

Leftists on social media were whining about that whole "white people with big guns" thing again.

Here's what went down in nearby San Bernardino:

Looters were encouraged on social media to hit up suburbs like Yucaipa "filled with rich nasty [whiteys]" and "apply damage there" after San Bernardino was left in ruins:

I guess it didn't work out as planned.

One would think the police would be too busy trying to arrest looters and rioters to have the time to punish a small town for defending themselves but in the New America™ standing in the way of the mob trying to rob you in the name of "social justice" is the ultimate crime.

Hopefully, the police's statement was just to placate the mob and sanity will prevail.

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