Minneapolis: BLM Rioters Set Fire to The City, Loot Shops, Attack Firefighters, Smash Up Police Precinct & More

Chris Menahan
May. 27, 2020

Riots in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd continued for a second day with giant mobs electing to "protest" by looting everything in sight, burning down stores and attacking police.

How nice of them to wear masks!

One man wearing a "#ImNotNext" shirt was seen casually stealing what appears to be an air fryer:

Multiple "protesters" were seen walking out with their arms full of assorted bedding and pillows -- perhaps they were "protesting" the way Floyd was "put to sleep forever" by police?

The rioters also smashed up the Minneapolis Police Department's 3rd Precinct.

On the first night of riots, tons of police cars were smashed up and a liquor store was looted.

Government officials appear to be giving the rioters "space to destroy."

This third pic is the shot of the night:

They're destroying the entire town:

Shots fired or just rubber bullets?

Similar riots may be hitting LA:

After a few rioters jumping on a cop car and got thrown off, the mob swarmed a second cop car who stopped to help one of the injured.

Star Tribune reporter:

Remember how the media kept saying we should fear white guys with guns peacefully protesting at state capitals?

Good times.

Reports of a defensive shooting:

"In this strip, no business is spared."

They smashed up a tuition-free, public K-12 charter school.

A celebratory dance?

The morning after:

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