AP: Ahmaud Arbery Had Put 'His Troubles Behind Him' And 'Enrolled in College' Just Before Shooting

Chris Menahan
May. 26, 2020

Though he was still on probation for stealing a 65-inch TV from Walmart at the time of his death, Ahmaud Arbery had "enrolled in a Georgia college" and was "preparing to become an electrician" after putting his troubles "largely behind him," the Associated Press reported on Monday.

"Ahmaud Arbery was at a crossroads, his troubles largely behind him, those who knew him say," the AP wrote in a tweet which got swiftly ratioed. "He had enrolled in a Georgia college, preparing to become an electrician, before he was gunned down while he was out for a run."

Here's the top responses, presented without comment:

As a reminder, The Guardian went so far as to edit out footage of Arbery threatening a cop during a stop in November, 2017 to advance their permanent victim status narrative.

As you can see in the unedited video below, Arbery threatened a cop, telling him: "Bitch you hit me with that shit bitch you gone be fucked up."

[Embed starts at 2:52]

The Guardian surgically edited that one line out of their interaction to give the false impression he wasn't being aggressive:

[Embed starts at 0:50]

Footage of Arbery being arrested for stealing a 65-inch TV from Walmart one month later in December, 2017 was also buried.

Though he was still on probation for that arrest when he chose to run from a citizens arrest after trespassing into a man's house and then charged one of his arrestees and tried to wrestle him for his gun, he was just about to turn his life around and get on the straight and narrow path.

Meanwhile, the AJC reported two weeks ago that police had actually enlisted the father to help them police the area and respond to just such crimes.

Of course, none of this can be allowed to get in the way of the media's attempt to manufacture a new "Trayvon Hoax" so it's simply being ignored. The man who filmed the shooting was arrested last week on charges including felony murder and Arbery's family's attorney claimed Monday that the DOJ is investigating the shooting as a "hate crime."

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