Man Dies From Taking Huge Dose Of Chloroquine to 'Prevent Coronavirus,' Media Blame Trump

Chris Menahan
Mar. 24, 2020

An Arizona man died and his wife was hospitalized after the two overdosed on chloroquine phosphate believing it would help "prevent" them from getting the coronavirus.

The media is blaming President Trump because he has been touting the popular anti-malaria drug chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, which some small scale studies found may be a highly effective treatment against the coronavirus in small doses.

Despite having no symptoms, the couple reportedly each took a full teaspoon of chloroquine phosphate, which is far beyond the normal recommended dose:

Some speculated the couple each took over 2.5 grams despite a normal dose for malaria (which it's approved to treat) being 150-600mg for adults:

Medical doses of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) for coronavirus are being studied at around 400-600mg every 24 hours.

Doctors say the drug should only be taken in prescribed doses under strict medical supervision as in rare cases it may cause retinal damage and other side effects.

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