Students Resign En Masse From TPUSA Citing 'Culture of Censorship,' Refusal to Defend Christian Values

Chris Menahan
Nov. 01, 2019

Students are fleeing Turning Point USA citing the group's "fair weather conservatism," their "refusal to promote social conservative values," their "tone-deaf views on immigration" and their "culture of censorship."

From American Greatness:
All of the officers of the Kansas State University chapter of Turning Point USA announced on Thursday that they are stepping down from their positions because the purported conservative organization no longer reflects their conservative values.

In a statement, Jaden McNeil, the former president of the KSU chapter of TPUSA listed several reasons why he was quitting, including what he called the group’s “fair weather conservatism,” their refusal to promote social conservative values, their tone-deaf views on immigration, and the group’s “culture of censorship.”

McNeil wrote that he started the chapter at KSU himself in September of 2018 when he noticed that other conservative organizations on campus weren’t very effective at combating the left, but it wasn’t long before he started having misgivings about the group.

Specifically, McNeil was not impressed with the behavior of many TPUSA associates in the wake of the controversial incident last January in Washington DC involving the Covington Catholic High School boys and left-wing native American activist Nathan Phillips.

“Many TPUSA associates initially sided with the left-wing mob, condemning the innocent high school students for having the gall to smile in the face of an adult’s aggressive behavior,’ McNeil wrote. “These TPUSA associates only changed their tune when it became safe to take the side of the MAGA-supporting Catholic high school students. This incident encapsulates the fair-weather conservatism of TPUSA,” he added.

McNeil also cited a recent incident in which TPUSA national leaders ridiculed college conservatives for having traditional Christian views regarding homosexuality.

“I harbor no hatred toward homosexuals; however, as a conservative Christian, I do not believe that gay marriage and drag queens should be glorified,” McNeil wrote. He added that TPUSA tends to cede ground on cultural issues and focuses primarily on economics.

He went on the blast TPUSA’s “tone deaf” views on immigration, saying the group “favors the elites who care more about profits than hard working Americans.”

Finally, he blasted TPUSA’s “culture of censorship” where certain topics are considered “off-limits and those who dare broach them are quickly blacklisted.”
Here's McNeil's full statement:


McNeil also retweeted this comment from Jake Lloyd:

TPUSA KSU Vice President Nick Ferrara also resigned on Thursday, citing "recent comments from Charlie Kirk":

TPUSA KSU secretary Simon Kleinmann also announced his resignation citing the organizations failure to practice what it preaches:

Fuentes claimed on his show Thursday that "after the humiliation at Ohio State" on Tuesday TPUSA purged a bunch of students who defended Kirk's questioners and created a "blacklist" to circulate among other campus conservative groups.

"Turning Point USA instituted a complete and total purge and their organization of everybody who was either participating in or even sympathetic to the groyper insurgency," Fuentes said. "Everybody that was even a little bit sympathetic to the America First movement, the America first insurgency, our side of the culture war, was immediately terminated last night."

He continued: "It even gets better than that -- they created a no-hire, no-contact list, this is a blacklist and it says that anybody on this list who was seen supporting America First or the groyper resistance cannot be hired and cannot be contact by Turning Point USA."

"It gets a little better than that they sent that out to all their affiliate organizations, Leadership Institute, Young Americans for Freedom, Young Americans for Liberty, everybody affiliated with Turning Point USA has received the no-contact, no-hire list of people sympathetic to the Groyper army."

As I reported Friday, TPUSA's allies have responded to this whole situation by lashing out and calling for Nick Fuentes -- who did not even attend any of these events -- to be banned from social media.

UPDATE: The entire KSU chapter announced they're leaving TPUSA as "their organization has shown themselves to be no different from the beltway insiders we rebelled against during President Trump's election."

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