Tucker Speaks With Ex-NBC Producer On How Mossad Allegedly Tapped His Phones to Cover For Weinstein

Chris Menahan
Oct. 23, 2019

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday spoke with ex-NBC producer Rich McHugh on how NBC News chairman Andy Lack and NBC News president Noah Oppenheim allegedly shut down Ronan Farrow's story exposing Harvey Weinstein.

Watch Carlson's opening monologue:

He followed it up with his interview with McHugh:

Rich McHugh writes in Vanity Fair:
Weinstein, Ronan explained, had said that “NBC legal gave him an assurance yesterday all stories about him were dead and all reporting on him was halted. No one is allowed to use NBC while reporting on him.”

We were both outraged, but not surprised. Around that time, my phone had begun acting in ways I’d never before experienced—making strange noises while I made calls, sounding for all the world like some alien device in a bad sci-fi movie. It was so pronounced and consistent that I consulted a security expert, who confirmed my suspicions: My phone had almost certainly been compromised via a third-party electronic hack. Which also meant that whoever had done it was also attempting to gain access to my emails. I felt in my gut I was being watched. It’s hard to describe, but it’s as if some animal instinct kicks in, and renders you alert. A former Weinstein Company executive we interviewed had explicitly warned us, in fact, about what was going to happen to us. “It’s not a matter of if Harvey will have private investigators on you,” she told us. “It’s when.”

It turns out, as Ronan reports in Catch and Kill, that from the time we interviewed Rose McGowan, we were targeted by two different intelligence firms—including Black Cube, comprised largely of former Mossad members. Regular emails about us went to Harvey’s inbox, letting him know precisely which sources were “working with Ronan Farrow and Rich McHugh on the HW report.” Most terrifying of all, my home in suburban New Jersey was broken into and the phone wires were tampered with. I began communicating through encrypted apps and burner phones, and told my wife and four daughters not to answer the door for any stranger.

What I faced from my bosses at NBC, though, felt worse than being spied on by Weinstein’s paid thugs. As a reporter, you expect the powerful people you’re investigating to play rough. What’s harder to experience is the stress and anxiety of being attacked from the inside, by the people who are supposed to have your back.
No doubt it's just a coincidence that Mossad is connected to both Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein!

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