Leftist Mobs Attack Trump Supporters Leaving Minneapolis Trump Rally, Burn Flags & Riot In The Streets

Chris Menahan
Oct. 11, 2019

Leftist mobs were filmed attacking Trump supporters leaving President Trump's rally in Minneapolis on Thursday night.

"Trump supporters are literally fleeing the event after it ended as protestors are waiting around attacking attendees as they leave the arena," Blaze TV's Elijah Schaffer commented after capturing one of the mob's assaults on film. "It is not safe in Minneapolis any longer for Trump supporters."

The assault looked awfully similar to other mob assaults caught on film recently in the "new" Minneapolis.

The hate-filled mob was also filmed attacking journalists and knocking Trump hats off Trump supporters' heads before assaulting them:

The mob also called a Trump supporter a "Nazi" before attacking him:

The mob reported stole Trump hats and flags off Trump supporters so they could set them on fire in the street:

An hysterical liberal woman was filmed screaming "F**K YOU" at the top of her lungs in a Trump supporter's face (who responded in like kind):

The leftist mob was also seen destroying police barricades and waving the flag of a foreign nation:

Leftists were seen performing weird dances in silence:

This should give everyone a clue as to why Mayor Jacob Frey has no interest in stopping the roaming mob violence in the city he's supposed to be serving. These roaming mobs serve to intimidate and suppress anyone who dares to question he and his cronies' rulership and random innocents being attacked is clearly a price Frey is willing to pay!


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