Hate Crimes? Thugs Filmed Beating Men And Robbing Them In The Streets of Minneapolis

Chris Menahan
Sep. 16, 2019

Are we going to have a national conversation about these horrific racial attacks in Minneapolis?

From The Daily Mail:
Police in Minneapolis have arrested more than a dozen suspected gang members, some as young as 13, accused of preying on drunk people and robbing them of their cellphones and valuables in a series of violent attacks.

One of the incidents took place on August 3 at the Target Field plaza and was captured on surveillance video.

The graphic recording shows a gaggle of about 12 teenagers and young men surround two men playing a game of dice on the sidewalk. 

About 40 seconds into the video, one of the ruffians appears to snatch a man's cellphone. The victim shows resistance, prompting one of the attackers to throw the first punch. 

[...] Towards the end of the footage, one of the most aggressive attackers, who is dressed in a light-blue shirt, hurls a potted plant at the victim, before another youth runs him over with a bicycle. 

[...] Then on September 6, police recognized one of the suspects from the video and arrested him. 

Boris Likuwa Lusmbo, 20, allegedly admitted that it was him in the footage taking part in the violent robbery. He has been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and faces up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

 Another suspect in the video was identified as Adrian Jamal Cooper. The 25-year-old at first denied playing part in the attack, but later allegedly admitted to hitting the man for calling him a 'b****,' and boasted that the victim was 'not that strong.'  

On August 29, police tracked down a third suspect matching one of the attackers seen in the footage. Antonio Kolli Morrow, 21, allegedly told detectives he took the victim's wallet from another suspect, and then slipping it into his own pocket. 

Further examination of the CCTV footage led to another suspect, Jamar Shamar Robinson, 20, who has been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and third-degree riot.
The complaint states Robinson admitted it was him in the video, but denied hitting the victim. He also said he did not steal anything, even though the video showed the 20-year-old striking the victim twice and stuffing something in his pocket.
[...] In another incident, on August 17, a man told police he was out with friends at a bar in downtown Minneapolis when he was robbed and assaulted. He claimed he didn't remember much of the incident because he lost consciousness. 

According to a criminal complaint, the victim said he was standing on a corner using his phone when a group surrounded him and tried to take his wallet. He said he lost his iPhone and his wallet, which contained his driver's license, debit card, keys and $100 in cash. He also was notified by his bank that $220 was withdrawn at an ATM using his debit card. 

After beating the thugs knocked the man unconscious, they fled, leaving him lying motionless on the ground, according to the compliant.
Both of these attacks occurred in Ilhan Omar's district and both are being largely ignored by the national media (despite the story having been picked up by Drudge).

Meanwhile, a story about "a racist word [being] traced in dust on a residence hall's bathroom window" at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis made national news last week.

"Robberies are up 53 percent this year in central downtown [Minneapolis]," CityPages reports. "In one 20-day stretch last month, 47 people were attacked. Much of that figure is attributable to pack hunters."

CityPages also shared this recent video from a local business owner:

I know the Democrats keep saying we need to have a "national conversation" about reparations. That sounds great and all -- but how about we have a national conversation about the violence happening in the here and now?

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