Teen Bringing Gun to School And Pointing It At Fellow Students Gets Little Media Coverage

Chris Menahan
Aug. 18, 2019

I wonder why the national media ignored this story?

From WSVN, "16-year-old in Hollywood arrested after posting threat on social media":
A 16-year-old former McArthur High School student has been arrested after posting a disturbing video and picture with a threatening caption on social media.

Hollywood Police arrested Wilmer Guerrero Martinez on Wednesday after a video showing a person pulling out a gun in a classroom and pointing it at students was uploaded to his social media account.
The post was also followed by a picture with text reading in part "Everyone happy to go back to school and I'm debating on whether I should carry my pistol with me like last year."

Multiple people alerted authorities of the threatening posts on Martinez’s account on Tuesday night.
A search of Google News shows only three local media outlets picked this story up.

I wonder, why did the media drop the mass shooting of six cops in Philadelphia just four days ago?

Is there some reason they're still running story after story about the mass shooting in El Paso but have totally dropped the mass shooting in Philly as well as the mass shooting in Dayton which happened one day later?

I just can't put my finger on it!

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