AOC: Journos Shouldn't Give 'Both Sides' Of Every Issue When It Comes to 'White Supremacy & Racism'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 09, 2019

New York Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has released a handy guide to journos explaining why covering both sides of an issue (in accordance with the basic tenets of honest journalism) is actually wrong.

In case you're wondering who exactly classifies as a "white supremacist"...

Further, AOC said yesterday that "white supremacy" is a "virus" which lies "dormant" in all of "us," including potentially "perfectly normal, good people."

Under AOC's rules, all news media should consist of exclusively establishment-approved "experts" droning on and on about "white supremacy" and explaining how everything is "racist" and our whole society needs to revolve around "fighting racism" -- with no one being allowed to provide any counterpoints or engage in any debate (lest these "experts at manipulation" convince people with their "supremacist" arguments!).

Come to think of it... these are the rules our already media follows, so I'm not sure who exactly she is targeting.

That said, AOC ended her tweet thread by demanding the news media -- which she said is "suffering bc of lack of diversity" -- hire more "editors of color," so perhaps this is just one big Al Sharpton-style grift to help her "allies" cash in on some sweet media gigs.

[Header image by Dimitri Rodriguez, Flickr.]

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