Italy Votes to Fine Migrant Ships 1 Mil Euros For Illegally Entering Italian Waters, Arrest Captains, Seize Ships

Chris Menahan
Aug. 06, 2019

It's truly remarkable to see a Western government actually listen to its own people and enact real reforms.

From Reuters:
The Italian government on Monday won a confidence vote in the Senate on a decree targeting charities operating migrant rescue ships, in a victory for Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and his far-right League party.

The government of the League and the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement has been riven by internal strife in recent weeks but won the vote by 160 to 57. It would have had to resign had it lost the motion.

The decree drawn up by Salvini, who also serves as deputy prime minister, toughens sanctions on charity ships that seek to bring migrants rescued in the Mediterranean to Italy.

[...] The decree hikes maximum fines for ships that enter Italian waters without authorization to 1 million euros ($1.12 million) from a previous 50,000. It also provides for the arrest of captains who ignore orders to stay away and calls on naval authorities to seize their boats automatically.

[...] A poll by the Winpoll agency published on Friday in business daily Il Sole 24 ore put support for the League at 39%, making it easily the country’s most popular party with more than double its share of vote at last year’s parliamentary election.
Who knew governments could actually listen to their voters?

Americans in 2016 voted for a wall, deportations and restricted immigration but the GOP instead gave us virtually open borders, record illegal immigration and lower deportation numbers than Obama (which seems to be causing some people to lose their minds).

This is not a sustainable social order.

Now the GOP is joining with the Dems to push for a massive green card giveaway to benefit Big Tech, as well as "red flag" gun control laws. Trump on Monday also pretty much called for the Bill of Rights to be scrapped.

The gap between what the people are asking for and our government is giving us is becoming so massive and creating so much discontent one can only hope the US empire collapses under the weight of its own malfeasance.

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