Ghislaine Maxwell Appears Behind Trump And Epstein in Newly Released NBC Video From 1992

Chris Menahan
Jul. 18, 2019

Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of alleged Mossad agent and media mogul Robert Maxwell, was allegedly seen partying right behind Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein in NBC's newly released footage of a party at Mar-a-Lago from November 1992.

A new profile from the New York Times -- which completely ignored Ghislaine's background and her father's connections with Israeli intelligence -- says Ghislaine "arrived in New York from England in the early 1990s" after her father's death. He died on November 5, 1991 (in highly suspicious circumstances).

This means Ghislaine was partying it up with Epstein, Trump and other high-rolling elites just one year after setting foot in America.

From The New York Times:
Shortly after Ghislaine Maxwell arrived in New York from England in the early 1990s, she was looking for a new start. She had just lost her father, a British media mogul, along with much of her family fortune and her social standing.

Soon she was on the rise with the help of her new boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, a rich financier. It was the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. With Mr. Epstein, Ms. Maxwell was able to resurrect the lifestyle she coveted.

She flew on his private jet, she settled into his mansions in New York and Florida and she eventually landed her own five-story townhouse in Manhattan. For Mr. Epstein, who had grown up in Coney Island and was a college dropout, the gregarious Ms. Maxwell provided new social pathways. Her friends in high places included Britain’s Prince Andrew, who became a frequent guest in Mr. Epstein’s homes.
In this video from NBC News' Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski makes the comment that it appears it's Ghislaine Maxwell behind Epstein.

"I feel like I saw Ghislaine Maxwell, I believe that's the reported recruiter for Jeffrey Epstein, I thought she was in the background there," Brzezinski said.

The footage also appears to show Maxwell arriving with Epstein to the party, though she's mostly obscured by a tall man, who has been identified as former Maryland Democratic congressman Tom McMillen.

From NBC News:
The footage shows two wealthy men laughing and pointing as they appear to discuss young women dancing at a party.

Today, one of the men is president of the United States. The other is in federal lockup awaiting a bail decision as he fights sex trafficking and conspiracy charges.

The November 1992 tape in the NBC archives shows Donald Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, now a private club, more than a decade before Epstein pleaded guilty to felony prostitution charges in Florida.

[...] The 1992 footage was shot by NBC for Faith Daniels’ talk show, “A Closer Look,” for a profile of the then-newly divorced Trump and his lifestyle. The future president was largely surrounded by cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills, in town for a game against the Miami Dolphins. The women offered the camera glowing testimonials about their fun-loving host.
There's been a lot of speculation that Jeffrey Epstein -- or perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell herself -- ran a honey pot blackmailing operation targeting power players in the U.S. and potentially throughout the world.

The former Prime Minister of Israel and head of Israeli Military Intelligence, Ehud Barak, was photographed "hiding his face" while entering Epstein's home in 2016.

After people caught wind of these photos of Barak entering Epstein's place, he admitted to The Daily Beast he met Epstein "more than 10 times and much less than a hundred times" but claimed "I never attended a party with him" and "I never met Epstein in the company of women or young girls."

While that may be true, the question the media should be asking is did you or anyone you know ever receive intelligence from him or his alleged madam/possible handler Ghislaine Maxwell.

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