Report: Retired General 'Spooked' Trump Out of Attacking Iran

Chris Menahan
Jul. 02, 2019

Retired four-star Army general and frequent Fox News guest Jack Keane may have "spooked" President Trump out of attacking Iran, according to a report in Politico.

From Politico:
As President Donald Trump wrestled on the evening of June 20 with how to respond to Iran's downing of a U.S. drone, Jack Keane was making his second appearance of the day on the Fox News Channel.

Keane, a retired four-star Army general, said that Trump, who had speculated earlier in the day that the Iranian action might have been a fluke rather than a deliberate provocation, had a point. Mistakes happen.

"Our viewers may have forgotten, but during the tanker war in the late '80s when Reagan did take some action, we actually made a mistake," Keane said, referring to President Ronald Reagan. "We had a USS warship shoot down an Iranian airliner in Iranian airspace. Two-hundred ninety people killed. Sixty-six of them were children. And we took that for a Tomahawk F-14. That was clearly a mistake by the ship's crew in doing that. And we acknowledged that we made a horrific mistake."

Keane's reference to the United States' accidental downing of an Iranian commercial airliner in 1988 made a profound impact on the president, who was "spooked" when he learned of the incident, according to two sources briefed on his reaction. The president made repeated comments about the tragedy on the evening of the 20th, leading aides to believe that Keane's brief history lesson exacerbated Trump's pre-existing doubts about carrying out the strike.

Though it is unclear just how decisive Keane's description of the decades-old incident was in the president's decision to call off the airstrikes -- Trump also had repeated conversations with Fox News host Tucker Carlson before he made the call [...]
Trump talked about his decision during an interview with Tucker Carlson released on Monday:

He said he made the decision not to strike after hearing 150 or more Iranians would die, which he said previously would be a disproportionate attack considering they shot down an old unmanned drone.

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