Tulsi Gabbard Crushes Dem Debate, Dominates Online Polls, Surges to Top of Google Trends And Triggers Neolibs

Chris Menahan
Jun. 27, 2019

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard delivered a solid anti-war message during Wednesday night's first Democratic presidential debate.

Her battle with neolib shill Rep. Tim Ryan was the highlight of the (otherwise extremely boring) night:

Gabbard was the only candidate who bucked the establishment and didn't come across as a clown and it showed in the polls and Google trends.

She won the Drudge poll:

The Washington Examiner:



She also dominated Google Trends:

Cory Booker likely saw a huge uptick because of this funny viral clip:

Tulsi was the only candidate to get attacked with a smear question:

As Tulsi's sister who was live-tweeting during the debate highlighted, Meghan McCain said she came across as the "most composed and authentic" candidate (McCain later reposted the tweet and said she stands by her statement):

Tulsi's sister also pointed out MSNBC was giving Warren tons of time at the beginning of the debate:

Cory Booker ended up getting the most time by the end of the debate (nearly double that of Tulsi):

Neocons/neolibs threw a fit over Tulsi crushing it:

You'd better believe it. She's the only one willing to stand up to our crooked establishment and tell the truth about neocon regime change wars.

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