Bolton Visits Israel, Threatens Iran Our Military is 'Ready to Go'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 23, 2019

While standing behind a podium of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office during a trip to Israel on Sunday, National Security Adviser John Bolton threatened Iran not to "mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness" and said the US military "is rebuilt, new and ready to go."

"Neither Iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness. No one has granted them a hunting license in the Middle East," Bolton said while standing besides Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Our military is rebuilt, new and ready to go," Bolton said.

He also confirmed new sanctions against Iran are coming on Monday.

Netanyahu said that Iran is "devouring one state after the other" and said he was "pleased to hear President Trump make clear yesterday that pressure will continue, and that pressure will increase."

The American people have overwhelmingly shown they're not pleased with the prospect of a new war in the Middle East.

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