Nashville: Confederate Monument Defaced With 'They Were Racists' Red Graffiti

Chris Menahan
Jun. 18, 2019

Looks like we've got some real poetic geniuses on our hands!

From the Tennessean:
A Confederate monument in Nashville's Centennial Park was found vandalized early Monday morning.

The bronze statue of a soldier was found with red paint splattered on it, and "they were racists" written on a side plaque.
The vandalism covers the more than 500 names of the Frank Cheatham Bivouac, the group of United Confederate Veterans who commissioned the statue. It was erected in 1909.

Metro Nashville Police Department Capt. Chris Taylor said the Midtown Precinct is investigating. They will check for fingerprints.
Stories like these are happening on the regular these days (all these reports are from just the last few months):

Christian statues are also being vandalized:

The recurring theme: people with no talent or ability destroying works greater than anything they themselves could ever create.

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