With Ratings Collapsing, CNN Does the Unthinkable: Produces Quality Content

Chris Menahan
May. 29, 2019

CNN released a comedy special from right-wing comedian Colin Quinn on Monday night titled "Red State Blue State."

While I haven't watched the whole program, it started with Quinn making jokes advocating for peaceful separation in the US along political lines to avoid a civil war.
"You don't want to see a civil war in this country. This country is not built for another Civil War. It's going to be the first time in history that you see fat refugees. That's not gonna be a good look."
He then went on to criticize social media and joke about how stupid people have too much free speech.
"Free speech did nothing, but gave everybody an opinion. And social media ruined opinion. Because free speech was never meant to go electric. That was an acoustic art. It was meant to be spoken on top of a tree stump in front of seven other farmers, or maybe in a general store, sitting outside on the porch in a rocking chair. If somebody told you even 15 years ago, 'We have this idea, where everybody's going to be able to give their innermost thoughts all day, every day, minute-by-minute updates to the entire planet.' You would say, 'Oh God no, please don't do that.' "
He also mocked the rise of "woke" comedy.
"Yeah, it's been really fun watching comedy become woke... That's actually why I got into comedy: So I could march in lockstep with society's contemporary conventions."
It wasn't super-edgy or anything, but it was funny and had the whole audience laughing.


It needs to be noted that CNN's ratings are in free fall and layoffs have been expanding due to their terrible news coverage and 24/7 anti-Trump whining.

Of course, they know that audiences want to watch programming that's not pure propaganda, but they don't actually care as they're willing to lose money in order to advance the greater project of prog-globalism. The problem is at some point the audience just leaves and this forces them to start producing content people actually want to watch.

All CNN's shows have been consistently dead last for what feels like months now.

Fox News went through a similar phase during the Bush years after their audience waned due to their constant shilling for all the neocons' wars. MSNBC, who had Keith Olbermann delivering monologues against the wars, was pulling in great ratings.

Fox News came out of their slump by hiring Glenn Beck to do an Alex Jones impersonation and talk about George Soros, Obama czar John P. Holdren's book about putting sterilization agents in public water supplies and everything else the alternative media was discussing. Beck quickly brought in record ratings before sabotaging the Tea Party movement and going back to pushing standard establishment propaganda. He was later fired in 2011.

Judging by this comedy special, it's possible we may see a repeat of that situation but this time with CNN producing the content people are clamoring for. I don't know if it will actually work as I can't foresee them being willing to hire anyone edgy enough to actually make it worthwhile for anyone to watch. Frankly, I'd say their best shot would be to replace Anderson Cooper with Alex Jones.

UPDATE: Here's Quinn with Nick Di Paulo talking about breaking up the US on Monday:

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