Journo Threatens to Dox Man Who Mocked Him by Making OK Hand Sign

Chris Menahan
May. 17, 2019

Journalist David Mac Dougall on Friday threatened to dox a man who mocked his reporting on Twitter and suggested he would contact his employer and any future employers in a bid to make him unemployable.

Mac Dougall, who describes himself as a Scottish journalist in Finland who is currently the editor of News Now Finland and used to work for AP and Fox News, posted a story on a Finns Party activist making the "OK symbol," which he suggested was "linked to white supremacists."

"You know that controversial 'OK' symbol that's been in the media a lot this week, and linked to white supremacists?" Mac Dougall said. "Guess what, Finns Party @persut activists have been caught on camera using it as well."

A Twitter user quickly posted himself doing an OK hand sign in response as a joke:

Rather than laugh it off as a funny joke, Mac Dougall responded by threatening to contact his employer and ruin his life by smearing him as a "white supremacist."

"Hi Iisak - Do you have a job?" Mac Dougall said. "I wonder what your employers think of you making a sign that has been co-opted by white supremacists and racists? Would be interesting to find out. Or maybe a future employer is interested..."

Mac Dougall repeated the threat again and claimed to have identified the man as a member of an "ethno-nationalist" organization:

He issued similar threats to another man who made the same joke:

This says a lot about journalists. Though they fashion themselves as "fearless investigators" working tirelessly "to hold power to account," they're actually members of a parasite class who know nothing beyond working to serve the establishment and destroy all dissidents who threaten the prevailing power structure. All they understand is doxing people and smearing them for daring to run afoul of prog-globalist orthodoxy.

As President Trump poignantly said, they are truly "the enemy of the people."

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