Journalist Anya Parampil to Tucker Carlson: 'The Fake News Media Are Lying' About Venezuela

Chris Menahan
Apr. 30, 2019

Journalist Anya Parampil went on an epic rant Tuesday night on Tucker Carlson's show slamming the war-hungry "fake news media" for "lying about the situation in Venezuela."

Parampil, who was reporting earlier this year on the ground in Venezuela, told Tucker: "Your viewers won't be shocked to hear this, Tucker, but the fake news media are lying about the situation in Venezuela."

"Let me put it for you this way: imagine if Hillary Clinton had refused to admit defeat after losing to President Trump in 2016 and banded together a group of 24 U.S. soldiers and attempted to take the White House by force. I don't think that she would be walking freely on the streets the way that Juan Guaido is walking right now in Caracas and I certainly think that the news media would be calling it rightfully a coup," she said.

"The opposition has no popular support," Parampil said. "Juan Guaido proved today, once again, that he will only ride into power on the back of a U.S. tank. And what's more, we hear about a humanitarian crisis there, Tucker, but what we never hear is that is the intended result of U.S. sanctions, which have targeted Venezuela since 2015 [...] which has led to the death of 40,000 Venezuelans."

"President Trump if he truly cared about the American -- or the Venezuelan people, and American people for that matter, he would end this disastrous policy, he would end the sanctions and he would look into John Bolton's eyes, into Elliot Abrams' eyes and Mike Pompeo's eyes and say you are fired!"

"[Trump] was celebrated by the American people when he said Iraq was a mistake and now he's willing to do it again," she said.

"I don't think you'd be allowed at any other show to say that," Carlson responded.

"No, I certainly don't think I would," Parampil said as Carlson burst out laughing. "I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity because President Trump promised to drain the swamp and he flooded his national security team with that exact swamp."

"I agree with that, actually," Carlson responded.

This is why the fake left and the fake right are working so hard to destroy Tucker Carlson.

Carlson opened the show by delivered a powerful monologue against US intervention in Venezuela which he warned could lead to potentially 8 million refugees leaving the country and flooding into the US.

[Watch Tucker Carlson's full show here.]

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