Tulsi: Trump, Pence Hiding Saudi Role In Terrorist Attacks Against Christians Worldwide

Chris Menahan
Apr. 25, 2019

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Rep Tulsi Gabbard said Wednesday that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are continuing to "hide the truth from their Christian supporters" that terrorist attacks like the one in Sri Lanka are "inspired by the extremist Saudi ideology that Saudi Arabia spends billions propagating worldwide."

From Breitbart:
“The Saudis have been spending billions of dollars spreading this most intolerant form of Islam, sometimes known as Wahhabi Salafism, through this mosque and schools around the world,” Gabbard said.

She continued: “There are hundreds of terrorist organizations who are inspired by and followers of this ideology yet President Trump and Pence, who pose as defenders of Christians and Christianity, have embraced the Saudis — the purveyors of this anti-Christian jihad.”

The Hawaii congresswoman then urged her supporters to call on President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to end the U.S.’s “unholy alliance with Saudi Arabia.”
President Trump said last year when questioned about the Khashoggi killing that our support for Saudi Arabia is due to their alliance with Israel.

He also claimed he'd like to pull out of the Middle East entirely but Israel is "one reason" to stay.

As The Washington Post reported:
In addition to preserving cheap oil, Trump said, the Saudis are essential to maintaining stability in the Middle East.

"It's a dangerous, rough part of the world," he said. "But they've been a great ally. Without them, Israel would be in a lot more trouble. We need to have a counterbalance to Iran."

The president said that he had never done business with the Saudis and that his future financial interests had no bearing on his policy decisions.

"Never did business with them, never intend to do business with them," Trump said. "I couldn't care less. This is a very important job that I'm doing right now. The last thing I care about is doing business with people. I only do business for us."

In the past, Trump has said he did business with Saudis, including selling them real estate.

But the president also seemed to envision a day when the United States wasn't so beholden to the Saudis.

"It's very important to have Saudi Arabia as an ally, if we're going to stay in that part of the world," Trump said. "Now, are we going to stay in that part of the world? One reason to is Israel. Oil is becoming less and less of a reason because we're producing more oil now than we've ever produced. So, you know, all of a sudden it gets to a point where you don't have to stay there."
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