Trump Attacks Ann Coulter As A 'Wacky Nut Job,' Claims 'Wall' Is Being Built

Chris Menahan
Mar. 11, 2019

President Trump went off the rails and attacked Ann Coulter as a "wacky nut job" on Saturday while simultaneously claiming "major sections of wall are being built" and he's "stopping an invasion."

Attacking your base for trying to hold you to your campaign promises is not a good look, Mr. President.

Are you going to go after Lou Dobbs next?

Everyone knows you just signed a bill into law which by nearly all accounts appears to ban you from building a wall. Everyone knows you're mostly just replacing existing fencing. Everyone knows illegal immigration numbers are near record highs. We all watched the wall prototypes being torn down:

What happened to the executive order on birthright citizenship you talked about right before the midterm election? What happened to the executive order you drafted last year to fight social media censorship? What happened to the executive order you said you were going to sign just last week at CPAC to protect free speech on college campuses?

While you're complaining and saying everyone else is holding you back, that only holds sway with your supporters if you're actually fighting on their behalf.

It was just a few months ago when you said you thought your supporters would "revolt" if you were impeached. While that may have been true when they thought you were fighting to save America, no one is going to revolt to ensure the Koch brothers get an endless supply of cheap labor.

No one is going to "revolt" to secure unlimited H-1B visas for Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai.

We voted for you to implement the America First agenda you ran on, not be Jeb Bush lite.

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