Tim Pool Destroyed Jack Dorsey And Vijaya Gadde on Joe Rogan's Podcast

Chris Menahan
Mar. 06, 2019

Independent journalist Tim Pool's debate with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter "Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead" Vijaya Gadde on Joe Rogan's podcast Tuesday was three and a half hours of riveting entertainment.

I always knew The Great Tim Pool was woke, but I never realized he was this woke. He started the show by pointing out their rank hypocrisy and ended the show by explaining to Dorsey that all the deplatforming he and the rest of Big Tech is taking part in is going to lead to a civil war.

Perhaps he wasn't aware but Dorsey himself tweeted an article out just a few months ago -- which he said was a "great read" -- that said the US is in a second "civil war" with no "bipartisan way forward" and "one side or the other must win." (I think it's more likely Pool was aware and just didn't want to bring it up for the sake of having a civil conversation.)

Judging by the fact Dorsey ceded zero ground to Pool throughout the entire interview (other than to say they'll look at allowing people who were banned back on in 6+ months), I think it's clear which side Dorsey is on.

The entire show is well worth the watch.

The first clip I want to highlight was when Gadde explained why they banned Alex Jones:

The first reason Gadde gave was Alex Jones sharing a video "of a child being violently thrown to the ground and crying."

That was a reupload of this video which had already gone viral all over Twitter (and is still up today without any issue):

A little boy gets in a guy's face and starts punching him and mouthing off. The guy rather gently shoves him to the ground, at which point the boy starts crying.

The boy was almost certainly unharmed and the man reportedly declined to press charges against him. It was literally nothing other than what amounts to a funny viral video. (Forbes actually reported on the story saying Alex Jones was the man in the video and shoved a child to the ground.)

Second was Jones' "people need to have their battle rifles [ready]" comment which was taken out of context by NBC News and others who claimed it was a call to violence. Jones said he was just speaking figuratively and talking about self-defense against violent antifa goons. Gadde said it "sounded like" a "call to violence."

Third was Jones making fun of CNN reporter Oliver Darcy who had been spending weeks on end doing everything in his power to get Jones deplatformed.

Journos are the ultimate "protected class" on Twitter -- even more so than transgenders.

The next highlight was Gadde explaining why they banned Sargon of Akkad:

The first strike was him pointing out how you can say "f**k white people" and so on and not get flagged for "hate speech."

She quoted him as though he was making the statement literally.

Second was another sarcastic tweet using a "Jewish slur" which she said was "targeted" but also sounded like another sarcastic joke.

Third, he said something about throwing someone out of a "helicopter," which if I had to guess I would assume was another sarcastic joke.

Gadde also tried to explain why they banned Milo:

First she said he had that he was a "Buzzfeed reporter" in his bio, which was obviously a joke, but which she said violated their rules against misrepresentation.

Second she said he doxed someone.

Third they said he told someone "If you were my child I would have dashed your hear on a rock and tried again," which Gadde said they "viewed as a threat."

That too sounds like a joke.

Next they gave their justification for banning Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys:

Gadde said they banned them due to their "use of violence in the real world" and falsely said they were later "designated" by the FBI as a extremist group (she was corrected before she finished her statement).

Pool pointed out how Antifa is carrying out organized violence (which I would say unlike the Proud Boys was not in self-defense) but they're allowed to organize and "specifically call for violence" and "advocate sabotage" yet they're allowed to stay on Twitter.

Gadde said they couldn't ban them because they're more "decentralized" without a clear leader and "they weren't able to find" similar information on them like they found with the Proud Boys.

Pool also confronted them on whether they take advice on who to ban from the SPLC:

They claimed they don't.

Pool also asked why they ban people for tweeting "Learn to code" at journos:

Gadde claimed it was a "targeted campaign" to "abuse and harass journalists" and they were mainly only banning people who had previously been banned from the platform.

Pool pointed out how it was all nonsense and they banned the editor and chief of The Daily Caller for tweeting nothing but "learn to code."

My favorite part of the whole show was when Pool explained how Big Tech oligarchs' authoritarian attempts to shut down free speech and deplatform everyone (as they work to fundamentally transforming our society) is "going to make violence happen" and lead to a "civil war" because people are not simply going to go quietly into the night.

He hammered on the point for around 40 minutes straight without Dorsey budging an inch. The most Dorsey said was, "I understand your point."

This meme accurately described the journo response:

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