Leftist 'Study' Brands Dr. Seuss As 'Racist' And 'Problematic'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 05, 2019

Those fun Dr Seuss books you read as a child were actually hate-filled, white supremacist, neo-nazi propaganda, at least according to these leftists' so-called "study."

From People:
As Dr. Seuss’ birthday approaches on March 2, a new study argues that many of the author’s classic children’s books are racist and problematic — and only two percent of his characters represent people of color.

“[This study reveals] how racism spans across the entire Seuss collection, while debunking myths about how books like Horton Hears a Who! and The Sneetches can be used to promote tolerance, anti-bias, or anti-racism,” Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens write in their February 2019 report, “The Cat is Out of the Bag: Orientalism, AntiBlackness, and White Supremacy in Dr. Seuss’ s Children’s Books,” as part of St. Catherine University’s Research on Diversity in Youth Literature.

They continue: “Findings from this study promote awareness of the racist narratives and images in Dr. Seuss’ children’s books and implications to the formation and reinforcement of racial biases in children.”

[...] “I don’t think nostalgia is a defense. Affection is not a defense,” Philip Nel, a professor of English as Kansas State University, told Education Week. “What you have to do is take a deep breath, step back, and realize that the culture in which these books live and in which these books were written is a racist culture and a sexist culture.”
Our ancestors were really evil, wicked people, folks.

The fact people from around the world flock to our country in droves and risk their lives to come be oppressed by us is really something to behold.

I guess they've all internalized white supremacy and want to come here out of some sick desire to be oppressed which white devils must have put into them through insidious propaganda like Dr. Seuss books!

Who knew we could be so evil? Thanks so much for explaining how terrible we are, oh noble leftists! You're clearly really good people unlike us evil, Dr. Seuss reading rubes!

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