Tapper to Bolton: Doesn't U.S. Support For 'Dictators Around The World' Undermine Your Case For Ousting 'Dictator' Maduro?

Chris Menahan
Mar. 04, 2019

CNN host Jake Tapper went rogue on Sunday and asked an actual good question to John Bolton which demonstrated how ridiculous it is that neocons simply pick and choose which "dictator" we're supposed to be outraged about to suit their foreign policy agenda.

After citing the above tweet where Bolton calls Maduro a "dictator" to justify US intervention in Venezuela, Tapper asked: "Do you not see US support for other dictators around the world undermines the credibility of your argument?"

After initially dodging the question the first go-around and rambling about nonsense, Bolton eventually responded: "No, I don't think it does. I think it's separate."

There's dozens of dictatorships around the world the media could choose to get us outraged about at any point in time. Does anyone still think it's a coincidence they only try and drum up outrage about "human rights" against nations they want to overthrow?

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