Tommy Robinson Exposes BBC In Viral Documentary, Gets Banned From Facebook & Instagram Days Later

Big Tech carries out mass banning of right-wingers who shared viral Robinson documentary.
Chris Menahan

Feb. 26, 2019

British activist Tommy Robinson released a viral documentary on Saturday exposing an upcoming BBC hit piece against him using undercover video only to be banned days later by Facebook and Instagram.

From Breitbart, "Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram":
Facebook has banned British citizen journalist and street organiser Tommy Robinson from its platforms, including Instagram, in a move that comes days after he released a new documentary exposing what he claimed to be dishonest practise at establishment media giant BBC.

The social media giant claimed in a statement published Tuesday that Tommy Robinson’s own Facebook page, which had around one million ‘likes’ before deletion, “has repeatedly broken [Facebook community] standards, posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims. He has also behaved in ways that violate our policies around organized hate.”

Facebook claimed the move “is not a decision we take lightly.”

Responding to the ban, English Defence League founder turned citizen journalist Tommy Robinson told Breitbart London: “…the reasons they’ve given are just complete lies. They’re saying I incited violence and that I openly called for violence against Muslims, that’s just a lie. If that was the case then they could show evidence of messages where I’d said that but I never have.

“This is continued censorship which we all knew was coming but its been done instantly because of my documentary which exposed the establishment working with Hope not Hate, working with the BBC in order to destroy my name to the nation. When I exposed what they were doing they’ve put down the pressure to completely delete me from the internet. This has to show people the levels they’re gonna go to silence any opposition to mass migration and the Islamisation of this nation.”

Robinson’s removal from the platform is only the latest in a series of bans targeting the campaigner in recent years. He was de-platformed by Twitter in May 2018, banned from receiving payments by Paypal in November of that year, and had Youtube videos blocked from earning revenue in January 2019.
It seems like they really don't want people watching this documentary:


Robinson talked about the documentary and his ban Tuesday on the Alex Jones Show:

"My documentary went out 24 hours ago, it had one and a half million views, and today I've been deleted from the internet," Robinson said. "And everyone who shared that documentary, with major profiles ... have all been deleted today."

BBC contributor Mohammed Shafiq bragged on Twitter about his role in getting Robinson banned:

He said he's meeting with YouTube and Google next:

Big Tech went on a ban-a-thon purging a host of thought criminals over just the last few days:

Raheem Kassam managed to get his account back after Don Jr. complained but many others were banned:

[Correction: Robinson's documentary premiered on Saturday, Feb 23rd.]

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