Newly Surfaced Video Shows Nathan Phillips Explicitly Claimed He's A 'Vietnam Vet'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 24, 2019

Newly surfaced video shows Native American activist Nathan Phillips explicitly claimed he was a "Vietnam Vet" -- not merely a "Vietnam times veteran" or a "Vietnam veteran times" as he's stated in the past.

In a video Phillips shared to his Facebook page on January 3, 2018, he stated plainly, "I'm a Vietnam Vet."

"I served in Marine Corps 72 to 76," he said. "I got discharged May 5, 1976. I got honorable discharge and one of the boxes shows peacetime or, what my box says is that I was in theater. I don't talk much about my Vietnam times."

Phil Kerpen shared the video late Wednesday night on Twitter:

He made the claim multiple times on the same stream and solicited donations:

As Kerpen notes, Phillips also shared a picture with a "Vietnam War Veteran" medallion on Veterans Day 2018:

The timing for this to come out is absolutely hilarious considering the Washington Post several hours before ran an article with the assertion that "there's no evidence that [Phillips has] ever claimed to have served in Vietnam."

Lamothe acknowledged the video on Twitter but The Post has yet to update their article as of 1:21 AM EST.

As I reported yesterday, the first reporter to break the story of Phillips and the Covington Catholic students' interaction, Indian Country Today's Vincent Schilling, stealth-edited his viral article on the incident to erase claims about Phillips' alleged service in Vietnam:

He also edited an old article from 2008 which said Phillips "described coming back to the U.S. as a veteran from Vietnam" to say he "described coming back to the U.S. as a veteran of the Vietnam era."

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley obtained Phillips' military records and it reportedly showed he was trained as an electrician and worked as a refrigerator mechanic stateside in Lincoln, Nebraska and later moved to a marine base in El Toro, California where he "went AWOL a few times."

As Cassandra Fairbanks at The Gateway Pundit reported on Tuesday, $6,000 was raised as part of a GoFundMe campaign to make a film about Phillips which included the claim that he was a "marine in Vietnam."

[Updated with additional videos]

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