Antifa Threaten Journalist: 'Death is Coming to You'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 04, 2018

Antifa have become so emboldened as a result of the state protecting them and aggressively prosecuting their right-wing opposition that they're now openly threatening to murder journalists in the streets with cameras in their faces.

At a antifa protest in Seattle on Saturday, an antifa goon threatened independent journalist Andy Ngo that "death is coming" to him as a result of his "YouTube s**t," aka his independent journalism.

The Seattle Police defended antifa and blamed Ngo for "inciting conflict" by filming their public gathering.

The Guardian journalist Jason Wilson rushed to antifa's defense and attacked Ngo for doing actual journalism.

"As my audience reach has grown, I’ve been surprised to learn that some of my biggest detractors are journalists who work for elite mainstream publications," Ngo tweeted in response on Tuesday.

Establishment journalists are the most contemptible people on the planet, while independent journalists like Mr. Ngo are our greatest treasure.

One of the main reasons these hate-filled fake journalists want to shut all independent media down is because it exposes them as foot soldiers of the establishment rather than the "resistance activists" they comically believe themselves to be.

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