NYT's Kevin Roose Pushes For Automated Facebook Censorship Because Joke Photo Went Viral

Chris Menahan
Sep. 24, 2018

New York Times tech writer Kevin Roose suggested Facebook should automatically prevent "fake" images from being shared after a hilarious meme of President Trump handing out a MAGA hat to a hurricane victim went viral.

Roose, who seems to think he's an investigative genius, tweeted on Monday: "A photoshopped picture depicting Trump rescuing people during Hurricane Florence has been shared 275,000 times on Facebook. The original is from Texas flooding in 2015."

The picture is an obvious joke:

Nonetheless, Roose suggested Facebook should automatically censor such "fake" images to prevent them from going viral.

"Facebook already uses image hashing/fingerprinting to prevent repeat uploads of e.g. revenge porn," Roose said. "Seems like it would be easy to prevent obviously fake photos from going viral."

Perhaps Facebook should appoint Roose and others at the New York Times as "meme monitors" and allow them exclusively to pick and choose which memes are allowed to be shared!

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