Young Turks Contributor Francesca Fiorentini: Socialism Is Just Like A 'Good Souffle'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 19, 2018

Young Turks contributor Francesca Fiorentini explained recently on Twitter why socialism is totes awesome.

"Think of socialism like a fancy baked good," Fiorentini said. "Just because many have made a mess of their kitchen attempting it, doesn’t mean you go around declaring you’ll never eat soufflé again! It just means you try harder."

"A lotta people on here seem to have never had a good soufflé. Luckily part of the recipe is literacy and free education so you can read the instructions and make your own!" she said in a follow-up tweet.

Truly profound!

Personally, I like to think of socialism as the finest champagne and caviar. No doubt, most Venezuelans feel the same!

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