Journos Defend NYT Hire's Anti-White Tweets: 'Sarah Jeong Is Good, Her Haters Are Bad'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 02, 2018

Left-wing journalists are circling the wagon to protect the newest member of the New York Times' Editorial Board, Sarah Jeong, who attracted controversy after tons of her anti-white tweets surfaced on Wednesday.

Jeong's Twitter history showed her saying she doesn't like "dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants" and she gets a sick "joy" out of "being cruel to old white men."

The New York Times said in a statement released on Thursday that they were fully aware of her anti-white tweets before they hired her. They also said she's the real victim here and her racism is justified because some anonymous people she assumed were white called her mean names on the internet.

As The Daily Caller noted Thursday, tons of journalists rushed to her defense and attacked those criticizing her:

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