Sacha Baron Cohen Tricked Republicans By Telling Them They Were Advocating For Israel

Chris Menahan
Jul. 16, 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen tricked several former and current Republican members of congress into reading off scripts supporting arming children by telling them they were voicing support for an armament program in Israel.

His SHOWTIME program took their comments out of context and edited it to make it appear like they were advocating for these policies in America.

While such a con-job would have went off without a hitch two decades ago when Cohen was still mildly relevant, today in the internet age his scam was immediately exposed.

Former Republican congressman Joe Walsh, a massive critic of President Trump and a fanatical supporter of Israel, explained how Cohen conned him by telling him he was advocating on behalf of the Jewish state:

Walsh also told his story Saturday on CNN:

While Cohen probably thinks he's being edgy by advocating for schoolchildren to be armed, the reality is throughout much of America's history young children brought guns to school and trained in how to shoot them without any of the problems we have today (most of which are caused by liberalism).

Though Walsh and others got conned by Cohen, nearly two decades ago Donald Trump walked out on him within a few minutes.

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