Study Of Twins Finds Intelligence 'Largely Determined By Hereditary Genetic Factors'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 10, 2018

According to new study involving hundreds of twins in Serbia, genes largely determine people's intelligence.

From Agence-France Presse:
Hundreds of twins helped researchers in northern Serbia to explore the influence of genetic and social factors on intelligence.

[...]The study showed that cognitive capacity is "largely determined by certain genetic factors, which are hereditary, while success in school is mostly determined not only by genetic factors but also by social and environmental factors," said psychologist Snezana Smederavac.

"It is not enough to have a high IQ if you don't have an environment to stimulate intelligence it will not help you a lot in life," said Smederavac, who coordinated the study.
Every day leftist egalitarians are proven wrong by science.

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