Stripe Payment Processor Boots Alt-Tech Sites FreeStartr, BitChute And MakerSupport

Chris Menahan
Jun. 19, 2018

Payment processor Stripe has given the boot to a host of alt-tech websites created by Trump supporters fighting political censorship from YouTube, Patreon and Kickstarter.

FreeStartr CEO Charles C. Johnson writes:
I thought I might share a few thoughts with you on what I regard as the biggest issue of our time: tech apartheid.

Silicon Valley wants you to believe that it is a force for good but the evidence of its bias and fraudulent dealings couldn't be more obvious even to a fair, impartial observer.

Most recently this duplicity concerns payment processing, namely the fraudulent company Stripe which canceled FreeStartr's account despite record low chargebacks. FreeStartr wasn't alone. All of those companies who had their accounts suspended ó Bitchute (a YouTube competitor), MakerSupport (a Patreon competitor), and (a Patreon, Kickstarter competitor)Ė were created by Trump supporters.

This canceling of our business was done for political reasons by Edwin Wee, a Democratic political operative turned Stripe employee, and it exposes the libertarian lie that one can simply just go and create a competitor if one dislikes Silicon Valley ventures. You can't. We need to get over that canard.

I'll delve into the parochial issues concerning FreeStartr's banning from Stripe later, but I am thoroughly convinced that if action isn't taken in the very near future, our politics will be permanently titled to the far left for the foreseeable future. Ask your congressmen, your friends, to speak out on this issue and take necessary corrections.

[...]Stripe's action is likely illegal. Banks aren't allowed to just bar customers, especially after President Trump abolished Operation Chokepoint. Patrick Collison, Stripe's CEO, opposes Operation Chokepoint.

Stripe seems to be deliberately shutting down businesses whose politics it doesn't like. Political orientation is a protected category in California. There have been cases brought against businesses that refuse to serve conservatives or liberals. Why not Stripe?
Leftists are trying to make it illegal to use the financial system if you don't have the "right" political views.

As John Lott Jr. reported last week, Democrats are acting to restrict gun rights by targeting financial institutions:
If liberals canít silence self-defense advocates or pass the gun control laws that they want, they will keep you from using your credit cards to buy guns or accessories. They also will prevent firearm makers from getting financing. [...]

ó Over the last few weeks, Intuit has stopped processing credit card payments for all gun-related sales, even when the deals donít involve firearms. Small businesses have found sales of T-shirts, coffee mugs and gun safety classes being prevented.

ó Citigroup, the nationís fourth-largest bank, announced in March that it would prohibit the use of its financial services for people under age 21 who tried to buy guns. It would also require that all sales had to go through universal background checks.

ó Bank of America, the nationís second-largest bank, announced on Bloomberg TV in April that it would no longer finance the operations for companies that made the most commonly owned semi-automatic rifles. Of course, this means that Bank of America will still be providing financial services to other gun makers.

ó In February, First National Bank, the nationís largest privately owned bank, stopped issuing credit cards with the NRA logo as a result of a coordinated campaign by gun control groups.

ó Android Pay and Google Wallet, PayPal, Square, Stripe and Apple Pay have stopped firearm sales using their services.

It is a little ironic that Democrats, who get upset about requiring photo IDs for people to vote, want to make it so difficult for people, particularly the poor, to own a gun to defend themselves and their families.
Major tech companies, not the government, are now the greatest threat to free speech in America.

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