Report: Out Of 26 Major Editorials On Trump's Syria Strikes, Zero Opposed

Chris Menahan
Apr. 20, 2018

While not one single major newspaper in the country was willing to endorse Donald Trump for president, nearly all of them were willing to endorse his bombing of Syria.

FAIR's Adam H. Johnson reports:
A survey by FAIR of the top 100 papers in the US by circulation found not a single editorial board opposed to Trump's April 13 airstrikes on Syria. Twenty supported the strikes, while six were ambiguous as to whether or not the bombing was advisable. The remaining 74 issued no opinion about Trump's latest escalation of the Syrian war.

...Seven of the top 10 newspapers by circulation--USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Chicago Tribune, Newsday and Washington Post--supported the airstrikes. The New York Daily News and San Jose Mercury News offered no opinion, while the New York Times (4/13/18) was ambiguous--mostly lamenting the lack of congressional approval, but not saying that this meant the strikes were illegal or unwise. "Legislation should…set limits on a president's ability to wage war against states like Syria," is the Times' conclusion. A complete list of editorials on the airstrikes can be viewed here.

Almost every editorial spoke in the same Official, Serious tone that demanded "action" be taken and "international norms" be "enforced." Some, such as the Wall Street Journal (4/16/18), went further, insisting on a wider war against the Syrian regime, Iran and/or Russia in vague but menacing terms.

...None of the top 100 newspapers questioned the US's legal or moral right to bomb Syria, and all accepted US government claims to be neutral arbiters of "international law." Many editorials handwrung about a "lack of strategy" or absence of congressional approval, but none so much that they opposed the bombing. Strategy and legal sanction are add-on features--nice but, by all accounts, not essential.
As I reported last year, a Harvard study found the media showed "unprecedented" bias against Donald Trump during his first 100 days in office -- except for when he bombed Syria the first go-around.

Imagine having the total backing of nearly every major media outlet, every major Fortune 500 corporation, the FBI, the CIA and the entire deep state apparatus and thinking you're part of a "resistance" movement taking on the establishment.

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