Profs: Scientific Objectivity Reinforces 'Whiteness'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 21, 2018

Science is now racist.

From Campus Reform:
A newly published academic journal article argues that science educators must do more to combat “whiteness” and “White ideology” in the classroom.

In their research essay titled “Towards a truer multicultural science education: how whiteness impacts science education,” University of Colorado at Denver scholars Cheryl E. Matias and Paul T. Le seek to “have the field consider the theoretical frames of whiteness and how it might influence how we engage in science education such that our hope for diversity never fully materializes.”

“Whiteness embraces White ideology, and because Whites are at the apex of the racial hierarchy, whiteness becomes normalized and is invisible to those who benefit the most from it,” the scholars observe. “This is particularly troubling because the normality of whiteness means that Whites do not believe that they are actively investing in White supremacy or racism, which keeps oppression intact.”

While “the [science] culture attempts to be unbiased through peer reviewing and consistent methods and methodologies,” this interpretation “falsely makes us believe that science is an objective enterprise and transcends culture,” the academics assert.

“For many scientists, we are convinced that objectivity prevents an oppressive culture because discoveries are independent of identity,” they observe. “Consequently, we unknowingly spread whiteness ideology.”
Indeed, new liberal science tell us a skyscraper is no better than a mud hut and penicillin is no better than a witch doctor's voodoo.

We can just throw out these charts of scientific accomplishment compiled by political scientist Charles Murray for his book Human Accomplishment:

Science which isn't based around "multi-culturalism" and "inclusiveness" is worthless.

For her own part, Matias has contributed to scientific progress by comparing "whiteness" to a "disease" and working to "dismantle whiteness from education" here in America.

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