'The Boer Project': Swedish Documentary Shows 'Reverse Apartheid' in South Africa

Chris Menahan
Mar. 19, 2018

A new crowdfunded documentary on the "reserve apartheid" happening in South Africa is going viral on YouTube.

Palaesta Media's "The Boer Project" shows how white South Africans (Boers) are becoming a persecuted minority in post-Apartheid South Africa, with many preparing for civil war.

The documentary was released for free on Saturday.

Here's the background from BoerProject.com:
The political climate has changed drastically in South Africa since the ANC took over the country's political leadership after the 1994 apartheid system.

South Africa has gone from being a civilised country with a European standard of living. It was a stabile and secure country, and they are now facing major political uncertainty. This means that the population lives under constant concern for the future, which makes it difficult for one's own investment for the future.

The ANC's economical reforms, like the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), shut out the white minority population from the labour market with fatal consequences, not only for the country's overall prosperity, but especially for the European descendants whom are forced into poverty because of the politically binding exclusion. Promoting the previously so-called disadvantaged motivated the BEE-reform, which in practice means reverse apartheid.

It affects companies who have to hire after race without regard to merit, and the worker who does not get to work despite his qualifications, just because he is white. This affects among other things the decision as to whether it is possible to form a family or not. This is one of the biggest challenges ahead. Creating an environment that is stable enough and predictable so that the population is given an opportunity to be able to, as well as dare to raise children.

However, it is not just the directly political uncertainty that the South African minority population faces.

In parallel with the fierce political climate, there is also greater concern for a future genocide similar to what we saw in Zimbabwe against the white farmers, a genocide that was realized through the country's agricultural reforms.

Strong voices are heard within the South African establishment to carry out their own agricultural reforms, motivated by a discourse aimed at the blacks to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. This discourse fires on the already existing farm attacks, which are so numeral in number and bestial in their execution that the genocide watch organization already warns for a future genocide, and has placed the situation of the Boer residents as acute.

In this respect, the situation of the residents is beyond the "uncertain" and "unpredictable" future. They feel confident in their analysis of their state, and thus also know what to expect. As a result, we can see non-state actors formed to fill the void that should be guaranteed through the state system. Where the social security network e.g. provided by help organizations and security through neighbouring watches.
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