'World Upside Down': Le Pen Criminally Charged For Sharing Photos Of ISIS's Crimes

Chris Menahan
Mar. 02, 2018

French Front National leader Marine Le Pen was stripped of immunity and criminally charged on Thursday for exposing the crimes of ISIS on Twitter.

From CNS News:
French far-right leader Marine le Pen said Thursday that the bringing of criminal charges for tweeting graphic images of ISIS violence was clearly an attempt to silence her. She said the world was “upside down.”

If convicted of distributing violent images, the National Front leader, who lost an election run-off last year to President Emmanuel Macron, could be imprisoned for up to three years and fined some $90,000.
...Responding to Thursday’s development, she told the BFM television news network the indictment was “clearly aimed at silencing me” but added that she “will not be silenced.”

She said she would consider any conviction a “medal of patriotism.”

Le Pen told the conservative Le Figaro that the law she is being charged under was designed to protect children back in the era of Minitel, a French pre-world wide web technology that was known for its sex chat lines.

“It’s the world upside down,” she said.
This is clear cut case of political persecution but you sure as hell will not hear any EU leaders, nor the US State Department condemning this human rights abuse -- that's only for evil Russkies and the Chinese!

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