Sheriff Israel: If Deputy Didn't Have The Heart To Go In 'That's Not My Responsibility'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 25, 2018

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Sunday that his deputy cowering outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as kids were being massacred was not his responsibility.

"I gave him a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training," Israel told an NBC6 South Florida. "If he didn't have the heart to go in, that's not my responsibility."

As Breitbart notes, student survivor Kyle Kashuv told Fox News Sunday that Sheriff Israel should resign.

"He absolutely needs to resign," Kashuv said. "He failed to act on so many different levels. And he himself is responsible for this massive failure. This could have been stopped by the FBI, and the sheriff's department had they acted."

Sheriff Israel will take zero responsibility for his deputies' actions, but he has no problem blaming the NRA and all gun owners for the school shooter's actions.

Meanwhile, what the hell is he talking about saying,"I gave him a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training," as though his responsibility stops there?

"All I did was give him a gun and a badge!!!"

"What more can you ask of me?!"

The Conservative Treehouse had a great thread on how the Broward County Sheriff's Office likely didn't follow-up on anything "Nikolas Cruz" was doing because they embarked on a radical social engineering agenda to try and bring the arrest rates of black and Hispanics in line with those of whites and Asians.

"Initially the police were excusing misdemeanor behaviors. However, it didn't take long until felonies, even violent felonies (armed robberies, assaults and worse) were being excused," The Conservative Treehouse reported. "The need to continue lowering the arrests year-over-year meant that increasingly more severe unlawful behavior had to be ignored. Over time even the most severe of unlawful conduct was being filtered by responding police."

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