Coulter To Trump, Pence: "I'm Sure You Have GREAT Plans For The Middle East, But We Were Hoping You'd Save America First"

Chris Menahan
Jan. 01, 2018

Ann Coulter slammed President Trump and Vice President Pence for agitating for regime change in Iran while America is turning into a third world country domestically.

"Hey, could you guys stand w/ Americans with kids killed by illegals? I'm sure you have GREAT plans for the Middle East, but we were hoping you'd save America first," Coulter tweeted to Pence on Sunday.

"Which one is achievable in the next 7 (or 70) yrs? 1) Peace and stability in the Middle East; 2) An end to the 3rd-worldization of America? Which one is your JOB?" Coulter said to Trump.

Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Boris Johnson, the US State Department and others joined in on the loosely veiled calls for regime change.

Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute said this claptrap about "human rights" is the "exact same script from Kiev, Libya, etc dusted off again."

"Same words. Particularly cruel when you are preparing to bomb these same citizens to pretend to care about their rights," McAdams said to Boris Johnson.

If Trump wants to throw his presidency away, getting involved in another Middle Eastern war is the way to do it.

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