Jailed NSA Leaker Reality Winner: 'Being White is Terrorism'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 05, 2017

Reality Leigh Winner, the 25-year-old federal contractor who was arrested on Saturday for leaking classified information to the media, is a #Resistance activist who believes "being white is terrorism."

Winner reportedly confessed to leaking a top secret NSA document on purported Russian hacking to an unnamed news organization, believed to be The Intercept.

Her social media profiles show she's a thoroughly brainwashed, far-left #Resistance activist who said Donald Trump is an "orange fascist" and "the most dangerous" person in the country.

She's an ethnomasochist who believes "being white is terrorism."

She's a huge supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

She considered herself part of The Resistance™.

She was radicalized by John Oliver, The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, Michael Moore and others. She said Leonardo DiCaprio's propaganda film "Before The Flood" changed her entire outlook on life and said she's now "#waitingtodie" from climate change and doesn't want to have kids.

She replied to the Foreign Minister of Iran saying she'd "stand with" Iran over America if Trump declared war:

She also openly sided with Mexico over America:

She tweeted #TrumpIsACunt, #NotMyWall and #NotMyPresident:

She shared similar comments on Facebook, though less openly:

Despite being given access to classified information, she was completely retarded and had terrible OPSEC.

The most remarkable part of this story is how our nation's standards have collapsed to the point where 25-year-old female social justice warriors are given access to classified information.

It's also tragic how this beautiful, young girl was radicalized by Hollywood and the entertainment industry into hating herself simply because she was born white.

Before the Hollywood mind virus took.


She's now likely going to go to prison for a decade and has ruined her life simply to leak uninteresting, classified information she must have thought was proof of some vast Russkie conspiracy which could bring down "Drumpf."

Hollywood and the fake news media is ruining people's lives.

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