Leftists Attack 'White Male' Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Chris Menahan
Feb. 01, 2017

Leftists attacked President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday for being a "white male."

"Judge Gorsuch is white. His hair is white. The room stinks of white people," comedian Andy Kindler wrote on Twitter, adding "Trump's a racist mindless narcissistic bore. #ResistFascism."

"It seems a room full of white dudes is super stoked to get Neil Gorsuch. Sigh." said Adam Mordecai, Editor-at-Large of the left-wing website Upworthy.

Gorsuch is reportedly an originalist in the vein of the late Antonin Scalia who seeks to interpret the Constitution as the founders originally intended.

Here's a sampling of the hate he's receiving as a result of being a "white male."

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