SHOCK VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protester Sets Trump Supporter's Hair ON FIRE

Chris Menahan
Jan. 22, 2017

Shocking video from Donald Trump's inauguration shows an anti-Trump protester set a female Trump supporter's hair on fire.

"This happened on Inauguration Day in Washington DC just after Donald Trump swore into office," the poster of the video wrote Friday on YouTube. "Everything had been fine up until this moment, and it just comes to show that 'Peaceful' Protests aren't always what they seem to be."

The video clearly shows the obese pyromaniac conspiring with another anti-Trump protester before stealthily moving in for the attack. You can clearly see the assailant slip a lighter past her cohort before the Trump supporter's hair is set on fire.

After a Trump supporter notices the fire and helps put it out, the pyromaniac and her criminal accomplice are seen playing it off as though they're innocent.

Both the assailants appear to be Hispanic females around 200 pounds and their victim is white, indicating race may have been a factor in the attack.

Soon-to-be Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to aggressively pursue federal terrorism and hate crime charges against both of these criminals.

If anyone can recognize either assailant contact the DC Police. If you recognize the victim, tell her to press charges.

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