Berlin Terrorist Collected Welfare Under Multiple Identities

Chris Menahan
Dec. 30, 2016

German taxpayer money helped finance Tunisian "refugee" Anis Amri's truck massacre earlier this month in Berlin.

From The Daily Caller:
Berlin truck attack terrorist Anis Amri used several different identities to claim multiple welfare checks simultaneously in different cities around Germany.

Amri, the Tunisian refugee who killed 12 and injured 48 at a Christmas market in Berlin Dec. 19, is being investigated for fraud after authorities discovered the scheme, Der Spiegel reported Thursday. The investigation was closed in November because Amri’s whereabouts were unknown.

Police further revealed that Amri searched the Internet for ways to create bombs and for means to contact Islamic State cells. Counter-terrorism officers discussed Amri as a potential terrorist on at least seven occasions and twice classified him as an “unlikely” person to carry out an attack.
Under Angela Merkel's scheme, German taxpayers are financing terrorism against themselves.

How many other refujihadists are plotting terror attacks right now on taxpayers' dime?

How many other phony "refugees" are pulling this same scam just for the money?
Welfare is a common way for terrorists to fund their activities in Europe. Five men involved in the terror attacks in Paris in 2015 and Brussels in March lived on welfare while plotting the attacks.

The five terrorists collected a total of $56,000 in welfare, far more than the estimated cost of $37,000 to carry out both attacks.

The Danish government recently discovered that 36 people who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq received unemployment payments long after leaving the country.

“It is totally unacceptable and a disgrace. It should be stopped,” Employment Minister Troels Lund Poulsen told newspaper Ekstrabladet.
Rather than be allowed to run for a fourth term, Angela Merkel should be brought up on charges for financing terrorism.

Every last crime committed by these migrants is and was entirely avoidable by simply not bringing these people into Germany.

Rather than deport all these criminals and admit her disastrous error, Merkel's thought police have pretty much made it a crime to call for their deportation.

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