Sweden: Muslim Rapper Butchers Traditional Saint Lucy's Day Song on State TV

Chris Menahan
Dec. 19, 2016

You won't believe how progressive the new Sweden is!

From Face of a Dying Nation:
Swedish State Television decided to enhance the "boring and oppressive" native Swedish tradition of St. Lucy's day that dates back to the 4th century by making it a bit more "multicultural" at the annual celebration in 2012. The government owned channel decided to replace the traditional, blonde Swedish Lucia with a dark-skinned foreigner and the melancholic church music was enhanced by an Arab ganster rapper who calls himself "L.X." and freestyle-raps about drugs and sex on Youtube.
Naturally, this tasteless move generated some outcry among Swedish patriots - who were, as always, silenced by the media as racists and bigots.

Sane people can only shake their head in disbelief at the amount of self-hatred Swedes seem to have for themselves and their traditions. But most of this image is portrayed by the foreign-owned media in Sweden. The level of ethnomasochism portrayed on Television does not reflect the entirety of Sweden.
Trying to preserve your own traditions is racist and bigoted!

The "New Sweden" demands new, progressive music.

That means rap music -- exclusively.

Not only is this new Saint Lucy's Day tune better than the old, stale, traditional one, but the old one should be scrapped entirely and replaced with the latest Jay-Z album.

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