Authorities Puzzled After 70+ Cars Set Ablaze in Culturally Enriched City of Malmo, Sweden

Chris Menahan
Sep. 20, 2016

In the past few months, over 70 cars have been set ablaze in the culturally enriched utopia of Malmo, Sweden -- yet the government and media establishment just can't seem to guess why.

The city of Malmo is the embodiment of what a new Swedish propaganda advert called "Det Nya Landet," or "The New Country," in that native Swedes are set to soon become a minority.

Rather than create a "new" city that is "proud, inclusive and sustainable," the foreign migrants from places like Iraq, Somalia, and Syria have instead turned the place into a crime-ridden, war-torn hellhole like the countries they fled.

From The Daily Express:
SHOCKING footage from Sweden shows police struggling to keep the deal on the unprecedented levels of crime as cars burn across Malmö.

More than 20 vehicles were set on fire in the southern city, which has been plagued by increasing levels of violence amid growing tensions.

The video shows chaos in Malmö as vandalism is only one of many incidents to have occurred as police crack down on organised crime.

Saturday saw Sweden’s third largest city suffer the worst surge of violence since July, with at least 70 cars burned out in less than three months.

On Sunday, fire fighters were called out to put of burning cars in nine locations at the same time, with a total of 11 vehicles being destroyed.

Police have said they believe the serial fires are “revenge” for a crackdown on organised crime in the city early last week.
Officer Erik Jansåker said: “This, in my opinion, is criminal people who are [lashing out] because of our efforts to [crack down] on the serious organised crime.”

...One man has been arrested with the weekend’s rampage, Swedish officials have confirmed.

The suspect was detained in connection to a bus fire, but police said they believe they may be able to connect him to some of the other blazes.
There was another arson attack just days ago in nearby Eslöv:

Despite the Daily Express being a right-wing paper, they don't dare link this new crime wave to the city's changing demographics.

For months now, the authorities and the newspapers have acted like it's a mystery why this is happening. As you'll note, they didn't release the ethnicity of the one suspect they arrested.

If he was a Swede, you can bet your bottom dollar it would already be plastered on the front pages of every Swedish newspaper.

As it's no doubt some "new Swede" that embodies what's supposed to be "the new country" -- the government and media hide the truth so as not to go against their bulls**t narrative.

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