Worst Ever! Sick Hillary Has Massive Coughing Fit During Cleveland Rally, Blames Trump

Chris Menahan
Sep. 05, 2016

It's becoming clearer by the day why Hillary Clinton has gone into hiding: She's sick as hell.

Despite only 63 days until the election, she's canceled multiple appearances, started taking weekends off, and has failed to hold a press conference in 275 days -- but if you question her health while she's dying on stage and looks like death you're a "conspiracy theorist."

From the NY Post:
Hillary Clinton began a Labor Day rally in Cleveland with a bad cough -- which she blamed on her opponent, Donald Trump.

"Every time I think about Trump, I get allergic," Clinton said after some sustained hacking.

"Boy, we have 63 days to go," Clinton croaked, before coughing some more.
I guess that's what she's been working on this entire time she's been missing: how to blame Trump for her coughing fits and try to make light of her serious health problems.

I love how Tim Kaine had to try and ignore the whole thing and awkwardly play it off.

NBC News producer Minica Alba said this was Hillary's "worst" coughing fit "[she] can remember."

MSNBC anchor Ari Melber said, "That's one of the worst coughing fits I have seen from her."

It's getting harder and harder for the media to cover this all up, yet there should be a fevered pitch demanding she undergo medical exams and release her medical records.

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