Baton Rouge Shooter Hated White People, Celebrated Dallas Shooting

Chris Menahan
Jul. 17, 2016

A picture of Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Eugene Long is beginning to emerge.

The Daily Caller found out Long's a former Nation of Islam member and had his own YouTube channel where he railed against "crackers."

Long's tweets were filled with attacks on white people and he appeared to have been inspired by an anti-white hate preacher.

Long also celebrated the Dallas shooter, describing him in the aftermath of the shooting as "one of us" and tweeting the hashtag "# My religion is Justice."

From The Daily Caller:
A YouTube account operated by Gavin Eugene Long and discovered by The Daily Caller reveals key insight into what might have motivated the 29-year-old black man who killed three Baton Rouge police officers Sunday morning.

Videos on Long’s account show that he was a former Nation of Islam member. He also railed against “crackers” and made references to Alton Sterling, the black man killed by police in Baton Rouge on July 5.

[...]In one video posted in recent weeks, Long left a cryptic message that may have foretold Sunday’s attack.

“I thought my own thoughts. I made my own decisions. I’m the one who’s got to listen the judgement. That’s it. And my heart is pure,” he said, adding that he wasn’t affiliated with any groups.

“If anything happens with me, because I’m an alpha male, I stand up, I stand firm, I stand for mine, until the end,” he said.

“Yeah, I also was a Nation of Islam member. Don’t affiliate me with it. Don’t affiliate me with anything.”
In one of his videos, he said "100%" of violent revolutions are successful, as CBS reports:
“Let’s just go with the numbers, let’s go with the history, 100 percent of revolutions of victims fighting their oppressors, from victims fighting their bullies, 100 percent have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed,” Long said in one video. “Zero have been successful just over simply protesting. It has never worked and it never will, you gotta fight back. That’s the only way a bully knows to quit, he doesn’t know words.”

Here's another seemingly ominous video, "Men its time to sacrifice! Everything I do is for the Woman."

Here's his Twitter, it's filled with hatred of whites and pretty much reflects perfectly all the "hate whitey" propaganda being pushed by our hostile media.

Here's his last Tweet:


He celebrated Micah Xavier Johnson's shooting of police in Dallas:

Long retweeted an image of a black guy shooting a cop with the text, "They gone be mad when niggas start doing this."

Long appeared to have been inspired by an anti-white hate preacher named Tariq Nasheed.

He retweeted him constantly, here's a sampling:

The video shows nothing, yet in their minds they can imagine the criminal gangbanger must have been completely innocent despite having an illegal gun and pointing it at police.

He was a good boy, right about to start college

Here's another stupid tweet he retweeted:

If this is true, why did white people vote Obama into the presidency twice?

Nasheed tweeted this after the shooting in Dallas, which Long retweeted.

This is complete nonsense, what black people apologized for the shooting? I saw a lot of them cheering it on, I didn't see any apologies. Obama even made excuses and whined about "racism" during the tribute to the fallen officers. White people, on the other hand, pathologically apologize for everything.

Nasheed's twitter is filled with anti-white hate.

Our hostile media has so riled up blacks through fake stories of police abuse they've succeeded in starting a race war against whites.

While hoping for the best, Americans would be wise to prepare themselves for the worst.

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